5 moms to follow on Pinterest for kids’ activity ideas

Follow these five Canadian moms on Pinterest for fun and unique ways to keep your kids busy indoors and out.

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1. Cheryl Kirkness, Moms & Munchkins

Cheryl shares free printable games for kids, including word searches, word scrambles and scavenger hunts. Plus, find ideas for crafts and activities, and family fun.

Follow Cheryl on Pinterest @momsandmunchkin.

2. Jen, Kitchen Counter Chronicle

On weekends, continue your child’s learning experience at home with educational activities: Conduct fun science experiments at home or practise geography with your kids. Save these outdoor activity ideas for warmer weather. In the meanwhile, enjoy these creative arts and crafts ideas indoors.

Follow Jen on Pinterest @jenfarr33.

3. Gina Bell, East Coast Mommy

Find links to Gina’s own DIY and craft tutorials, along with others’ projects, for preschoolers and school-age kids.

Follow Gina on Pinterest @eastcoastmommy.

4. Jen Kossowan, Mama Papa Bubba

Jen’s extensive Pinterest boards cover her own craft ideas for kids, indoor sports and games, outdoor activities, and activities for babies.

Follow Jen on Pinterest @jkossowan.

5. Susannah Findlay, Creative Mama on a Dime

Engage your child with educational activities shared by Susannah, or take on one of these projects with your child. Find how-tos for DIY boardgames, building your own playhouse and more.

Follow Susannah on Pinterest @creativemamaoad.

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